Launch event! Yes/No/Other/All First Edition

Yes/No/Other/All: Performance on the Boundaries of Identity is a monthly series featuring local and international performance and installation artists.
Our first edition will take place on 7. July 2015 at 8pm at CLUB, Biebricherstrasse 14, and will feature:

Wahshi Kuhi

Wahshi Kuhi is an artist and human rights activist from Kurdistan, Iran. Born in Bokan in 1979, he grew up surrounded by war – unlike the other children, he was always frightened. His family was politically involved and Wahshi’s father went to jail twice for his activities. Today, his family is spread all over the world.

For political reasons Wahshi fled his native country at the age of 23. He studied Art at the Salahaddin University-Hawler (SUH) in Erbil, Iraq, and graduated in Plastic Art with a B.Sc.

Currently, Wahshi lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Most of his works are politically motivated, and he prefers working with installations and live performances. His statement: “I believe in freedom, peace and equality of all men and women. That is what I was, am and will be fighting for.”

Lady Gaby
Lady Gaby is a Berlin-based spoken word and performance artist with a history of migration and a love for provocation.

Karina Villavicencio 

The starting point of Villavicencio’s work is personal history. As an Argentinian living between Germany and France, she is interested in the idea of migration, borders, space, memory and communication. The questions of identity and social belonging are central to her work.

Our mission:

“I am what I am” and “you are what you do.” Behind and between these deceptively simple assertions lie seemingly endless ways of performing our manifold identities – and yet our lives and work so often coalesce around pre-defined relational points, often out of social or political necessity.

Yes/no/other/all sets out to showcase work that highlights the overlap of being, doing, and becoming oneself – and examining the social structures against which this self is defined.
Click here for a link to the event on facebook


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