Yes/No/Other/All is a performance series taking place on the first Tuesday of every month, starting 7.7.15, at CLUB, Biebricherstrasse 14 (Neukölln).

We are seeking performers and installation artists for our upcoming events, who make work relating to our mission: 

Yes/No/Other/All: Performance on the Boundaries of Identity

“I am what I am” and “you are what you do.” Behind and between these deceptively simple assertions lie seemingly endless ways of performing our manifold identities – and yet our lives and work so often coalesce around pre-defined relational points, often out of social or political necessity.

Yes/no/other/all sets out to showcase work that highlights the overlap of being, doing, and becoming oneself – and examining the social structures against which this self is defined.

Each evening will feature the work of three to four artists working broadly over the range of performative practices.

Interested applicants should email with an artist bio, description of proposed work, and all possible documentation.
Deadline is rolling – please include preferred performance date, if applicable (all events take place on the first Tuesday of the month, i.e. August 1).
We are excited to hear from you! 
//Trans*/POC/Sex Worker/Differently Abled applicants especially welcome//
Click here for a link to the artist call on Facebook


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